About us.

Let’s start by introducing myself, my name is Tom and I love off-roading, old trucks and travelling in them. off-roading is a passion i got from my dad he always drives a Jeep and I’ve seen a lot of dirt roads growing up. He got me my first off-roader, a old Suzuki SJ 410.

This little off-roader took me 2 years to re-built as it was completely rotten and beat. it was in this car i really got the taste for adventure. she took me from The Netherlands to Portugal, and a few years later also to Iceland.

It was on our trip to Iceland were I asked the love of my life to marry me, she said yes. now married and going on more adventures together. only the car changed. The old Suzuki made way for an older Truck, the Unimog.

Me and my Wife Eefke, happy to go on a new adventure.